Smart Lunches is Coming to The Wilberforce School

It's still a little too early to order lunches for The Wilberforce School. But let us know how to reach you, and we'll contact you as soon as you can start ordering.

Healthy Lunching at The Wilberforce School


Smart Lunches is committed to child nutrition. We’re careful to make sure that The Wilberforce School’s menu is sensible about salt, sugar and fats, and that it’s calorically appropriate for growing school-age kids.

  • Meets current USDA guidelines for child nutrition
  • 100% nut-free menu
  • Simple filters to protect your child from up to nine common food allergens

How Smart Lunches Works


"Smart Lunches helps me out a lot! The lunches are healthy and my girls really enjoy them. The staff at Smart Lunches is so nice to work with and very accommodating. Thank you Smart Lunches for freeing up some time for me and providing a healthy lunch for my kids!" – Kelly A., a parent in Barnstable, MA