Allergy Smart

The schools and the families we serve are concerned about allergies. So are we.

The Smart Lunches menu is 100% free of tree nuts and peanuts. For kids with other dietary restrictions, we make it easy to tell which items on our menu meet their needs. Every day, the Smart Lunches menu contains several options for gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free, seafood-free, and sesame-free lunchers. We prepare all of our meals in ServSafe-certified catering kitchens.


When you order from Smart Lunches’ menu, you’ll see detailed ingredient lists for every item we offer. We also indicate which menu items are free of the allergens associated with nuts, gluten, eggs, dairy, seafood and sesame.

Our allergy-smart approach to menu development and lunch preparation is governed by the Smart Lunches Terms of Service. As always, please feel free to call 1-888-25-SMART with any questions!

Usage and packaging details for specific ingredients

Every Smart Lunches meal is delivered in packaging that clearly identifies the presence of certain allergens in the package’s contents.

Nut-Free, Peanut & all Tree Nuts (Packaging indicator: NF)

Our menus are completely free of peanuts and all tree nuts. Our meals are prepared in kitchens that may use nuts for other purposes. We prepare Smart Lunches in nut-free production lines using ServSafe practices to avoid cross-contamination. All of our providers have completed extensive allergy awareness training. Off-the-shelf items included in our ingredients may have come from a facility that processes nuts for other purposes.

Gluten-Free & Gluten-Sensitive (Packaging indicators: GF/GS)

Because gluten can provoke a range of disorders ranging from irritability and headaches to gastro-intestinal discomfort and celiac disease, we have divided our gluten indicators into Gluten-Free (GF) and Gluten-Sensitive (GS) groupings. When an item is delivered in a package marked GF, it is 100% gluten-free and all of its ingredients have been verified to contain no traces of gluten. When an item’s packaging is marked GS, there may be minute traces of gluten within that item’s ingredients. Our meals are made in kitchens where wheat is used.

Egg-Free (Packaging indicator: EF)

Because egg allergies affect approximately 1.5% of younger children, we offer egg-free meals, indicated EF on the packaging. Off-the-shelf items included in our recipes may have come from a facility that also uses eggs. Our meals are made in kitchens where eggs are used.

Dairy-Free and Dairy-Optional (Packaging indicator: DF/DO)

Dairy allergies and sensitivities are usually related to milk, although we realize there is a growing intolerance for cheeses and other products produced from cow’s milk. Menu items that contain no dairy products are delivered in packages marked DF. For meals that come with dairy packaged on the side, which can be kept out of the meal at the luncher’s discretion, the lunch’s packaging will be marked DO. Plain pasta, for example, comes with parmesan cheese on the side. Off-the-shelf items included in our ingredients may have come from a facility that uses dairy products for other purposes. Our meals are made in kitchens where dairy is used.