Welcome to Belmont Day School Summer Program

We’re excited to partner with Belmont Day School Summer Program to provide fresh, nourishing school-day lunches. We want to make life simpler for you, and healthier for your kids. Stop the last-minute lunch scramble. Make it Smart Lunches’ turn to make the lunches.

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How Smart Lunches Works at Camps


"Smart Lunches helps me out a lot! The lunches are healthy and my girls really enjoy them. The staff at Smart Lunches is so nice to work with and very accommodating. Thank you Smart Lunches for freeing up some time for me and providing a healthy lunch for my kids!" – Kelly A., a parent in Barnstable, MA

Nourishing Lunches Kids Love to Eat!

Every day, Smart Lunches offers the community at Belmont Day School Summer Program a full menu of kid-tested and parent-approved hot and cold options. Full, satisfying meals with sides and a variety of add-ons are available. Plus, the selections change daily. The items pictured below are featured on this month's menu.

Switching from School Lunch to Camp Lunch


Love the convenience of Smart Lunches at your school? It's easy to order lunches for summer camp, too.

When you log in to your existing account, you will be able create a separate luncher profile for Belmont Day School Summer Program by clicking luncher settings and then add luncher.

Camp ordering is similar to ordering school lunches; just select the days you want lunches delivered and place your order.

Lunch Prices at Belmont Day School Summer Program

You can order lunches up to two business days before the lunch date. For example, you can order on Monday for a Wednesday lunch.

You can also change or cancel your lunches up to two business days prior.

The prices for our lunches vary by size.

  • Regular lunches are $6.95 each